Thoughts on Human Nature

My view of human nature includes spirituality as an integral part of being human. We exist in a span between an essence, a free lifeenergy, we are created with and in, and a personality created in a collaboration between genetic, biological imprint and factual and relational influences through our lives from conception till we die. This is my perception, based on interpretation of my own sensory experiences, supported by the teachings I have recieved from different psychotherapeutic and spiritual teachers (Jes Bertelsen and Yvonne Agazarian among others).

I am interested in supporting the connection between the essential part of being human and the personality and how this bridgebuilding interacts with the relational field.

I am engaged in our mutuality with both reptiles and mammals - and in the existential choices we as human beings potentially have available related to our biology. This engagement is expressed in my emphasis on inner authority and making consicous the powerful dominance/submission dynamics. Therapy cannot remove these powers, they are part of our biology, our survival reactions. We can make them conscious, own them and make choices related to them. I see this process as an always present existential and ethical challenge.
I am engaged in the dialectical relationship between the individual and the system/context. The methodology I am working with and further develop is inspired by both developmental psychology, holding an individual perspective - and systemic thinking. (My primary systemic inspiration comes from SCT , Systems Centered Therapy). I consider both perspectives important - and I have an ongoing discussion with myself and my co-trainers about the balance between these two view-points. In any given moment, where do we find the potential for change or stabilization - or where is it easiest available - in a focus on the individual - or in a focus on the system the individual is part of? I value both perspectives.

I am engaged in the balance between individuality and connectedness - as it expresses itself in intersubjectivity and resonance, where individual boundaries dissolve or go in the background - and in individual boundaries, as expressed in clear "I-you"-contact.
Who am I ? Am I a separate invidual - or do I only exist as part of relationships?
I find this duality in our existence and in ourselves fascinating and challenging.