To express myself creatively is an integral part of my life that impacts my work. When painting I am in a field of resonance between my inner states, the water, the paper and colors. In my therapeutic work I am in a field of resonance in direct contact with others. To paint has trained and automated completely different skills in me than the body-based acting skills. When I paint I enter a space where will does not rule. Things happen in the moment that I can never predict or control with my consciousness. This process has been just as important in my own healing as using body skills.

When I express myself creatively I regenerate and process, I express my inner states, I open to my direction from within and to recieving from outside.
Color has been an inner language of mine since childhood. I expressed emotional states in color – never figuratively – always abstract. To me color captures energy states that are difficult or impossible to fully express through the spoken word.

From 2000-2009 I painted in a technique called ”wet on wet”. I cannot determine how the final image will look. I can influence the flow of color using different techniques – but I cannot control them. I can collaborate with the organic process triggered by the movements in water – and this collaboration holds a process of realization. I get access to intuitive insight beyond language.

Since 2009 I have experimented with other kinds of creative expression - both digitally and with concrete materials.

Below  you will find a couple of extracts of my paintings – caught on digital camera.

Photography: Flemming Brantbjerg