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Article - April 2023:
An article published in the journal for the Danish Psychotherapist Organisation in 2021 has now been translated into English:
"The importance of having a map". The article describes 3 levels of stress-responses related to a case-example - pointing to the benefit of having a conceptual map that can guide choices of methodology, when working with trauma. You can download the article here.

Article - January 2021:
Merete Holm Brantbjerg: "Sitting on the edge of an abyss together. A methodology for working with hypo-arousal as part of trauma therapy" has been published in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy in January 2021. Right now the article can be downloaded for free from the journal on or you can download the accepted manuscript her. To buy the article click on this link:

Article 2019:
A new article has been published on December 06 2019 by Taylor & Francis in the peerreviewed journal "Body, movement and dance in psychotherapy". The article is titled: "Widening the map of hypostates: A methodology to modify muscular hyporesponse and support regulation of autonomic nervous system arousal". The article presents the essence of my ongoing work with including and understanding the function of hypo response in psychotherapeutic processes.
The following link takes you to Taylor & Francis Online where you can purchase the article:
You can also download the Accepted Manuscript of the article here for free.

Articles 2017-18:

"From Autonomic Reactivity to Empathic Resonance in Psychotherapy" has been published in a British peerreviewed journal: Body, Dance and Movement in Psychotherapy". The article is a new version of a Danish article written in 2014. This English version is adapted to the demands in a peer review proces related to theory, references etc. This link takes you to the article: . There are still some free versions left - or you will be guided to how to buy the article.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg:"Having a map matters". Published in International Journal of Bodypsychotherapy, fall 2017.

Articles fall 2014 - 2016:

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: Finding our Memberrole through Centering: What works? A4 and US Letter. Published in Systems-Centered News Volume 24, Number 1, Summer 2016. The article describes different aspects of the centering- process - with practical examples.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: Exploring One-up and One-down Roles through Body Awareness US Letter. Published in Systems-Centered News Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2015.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: Differentiating low energy-states related to stress A4 and US Letter published in Courtenay Young (ed.): Body in Relationship. EABP-ISC Lisbon Congress Book. The article builds on the content of the workshop I presented at the EABP conference in Lisbon, September 2014.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg (2015): About Survivalreactions - in Relational Trauma Therapy Europe A4.

The article "Integrating polarities through regulation of hypo- and hyper-responses to stress – An experiential keynote” is available at the following link: The article describes the concepts and process behind an experiential keynote presentation at the EABP conference in Cambridge in 2012. Video of the presentation can be seen on the frontpage of this website. The article is published in "Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy" - a British peer-reviewed journal.
A longer original version of the article can be downloaded here: "Polarizing or integrating polarities", US Letter or Europe A4.

The following 4 articles, written 2006-2009, are being used as workshopmaterial in my workshops and trainings. Together they bring forward the basic method-development of Resource Oriented Skill Training.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg & Sally Stepath: “The body as container of instincts , emotions and feelings” 2007. US LetterEurope A4
The article presents instincts, emotions and feelings as 3 levels of human emotional response. Focus lies on describing body and cognitive skills that can help us cope with all 3 levels. The model has been developed since the article was written back in 2006. You can download the new version of the model and have that next to you when you read the article. The principles described in the article are valid also for the widened version of the model. IEF model US LetterEurope A4

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: “Resourceoriented Skill Training as a Psychotherapeutic Method” 2008. US Letter Europe A4
The principles behind resourceoriented skill training are described - and related to psychotherapeutic work with both personality development and trauma healing.

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: "The Relational Aspect of Resource Oriented Skill Training" 2010. US LetterEurope A4
This article - the newest in the series - focuses on ROST as a relational method. What is it that makes the skill training work as a psychotherapeutic method with a significant impact? and what role does the relationship between the facilitator/therapist and the participant/client play this?

Merete Holm Brantbjerg: "Hyporesponse - the hidden challenge in coping with stress" 2009, can now be downloaded for free. US LetterA4 format.
This article focuses on what can be gained by addressing hyporesponsivity in the musclesystem when dealing with stress. Giving up emotions, impulses and presence as a survivalstrategy holds an entirely different challenge compared to the controlling strategy of tension or hyperresponse. The hyporesponsive part of us needs a different approach.
This article is also published in International Body Psychotherapy Journal Volume Eleven, Number 2, fall/winter 2012. You can download this volume for free by going to

Other articles for download:

The following article by Merete Holm Brantbjerg was published in October 2009 in the magazine of the Danish Psychotherapist Organization: "When the therapist is aroused. Sexual feelings in the therapyroom". Click to download. The article holds examples of how concrete skill training can be used to support containment and coping with sexual energy in the contact field between therapist and client. The article is also published in International Body Psychotherapy Journal Volume Eleven, Number 1, spring 2012. You can download this volume for free by going to

Steen Jørgensen and Merete Holm Brantbjerg (2010): "Coping Skills and Survival Strategies in Relation to Trauma and Traumatic Stress" - can be downloaded for free. The article is developed as teachingmaterial for the Moaiku Trauma Therapy workshops in Scandinavia. Our understanding of survivalreactions - developed and widened over the last years in Moaiku - is described in the article. The article "About survivalreactions - in Relational Trauma Therapy" (2015) is an updated version of this older article.

"Muscular intelligence – an introduction" – is a 5 page article written in 2005. The article gives an introduction to
- psychological musclefuntion
– understanding how certain muscles are connected to certain psychosocial skills
– hypo- and hyperresponse as defensestrategies showing up in the muscles
– resource oriented skill training. US Letter Europe A4

"Caring for yourself while caring for others" is an older article. It presents bodysensing, centering, grounding and boundaries as tools in how to care for yourself in a helperrole. US LetterEurope A4
The article is also part of the book: Ian Macnaughton (ed.): Body, breath and consicousness. A somatics anthology. A collection of Articles on Family Systems, Self-Psychology, The Bodynamics Model of Somatic Developmental Psychology, Shock Trauma and Breathwork. North Atlantic Books, 2004.