Muscular Intelligence - Coping & Resonance:
Resource Oriented Skill Training as a
Body Psychotherapeutic Method

a 3 day workshop (open to all) in Vancouver with
Merete Holm Brantbjerg

(Workshop Registration Form at the end of the document.)

In presenting this unique approach, Resource Oriented Skill Training (ROST) as a body psycho therapeutic method, Merete will focus on;

o supporting here-and-now presence and our capacity for personal contact in our body
o gaining a felt sense of inner success through precise individual dosing of experience
o working with biographical imprints in the present
o being in resonance and connected with the surrounding world
o developing new and more relevant pathways of coping for 'today'
o learning how to self regulate somatically in order to manage external pressure and optimize safety

ROST, also called Motoric Haiku, builds on knowledge of personality growth through psychomotor development and specific psychosocial skills connected to individual muscles. These skills include centering, grounding, boundaries, containment, regulation of contact, and our ability to cope with high arousal states.

Included is the concept of muscle hypo- and hyper-response, the coping patterns of 'giving up' or 'controlling' we learned as we grew. Being able to recognize these established responses in our current everyday reactions is a powerful tool we can use to support development and transformation of old patterns, and to avoid re-traumatization.

Our ability to sense our muscles is a way we can personally learn to build new resources for ourselves. Professionally it is an effective therapeutic method for helping clients to safely make the changes they are looking for.

What are the benefits of including the body in psychotherapy?
Sensing muscles and their psychological function can awaken original resources and a potential for action that impacts the biographical patterns of experience. Often this brings hope and the possibility to change old inflexible patterns of relationship.
Patterns founded before spoken language and patterns tied in implicit memory (sensory perceptions, experiences without conscious connection to a story) cannot be reached through the spoken language. A body oriented approach is an opportunity to reach into these layers of consciousness and begin a process of healing and integration.

What to expect in this workshop
With a mix of body exercises, theoretical presentation and discussion, participants will experience the effect of ROST on their own body and in their own emotional process. An improved ability to cope with everyday life and especially with stress and other forms of high intensity, both personally and professionally, can be expected.

Who will attend?
The workshop is highly relevant for all therapists AND for those people who personally are curious about this method. You do not need to be a registered therapist or have previous Bodynamic training to attend.

What to wear
Please come comfortably dressed so you can move freely. Dress in layers to remain comfortable with the inconsistencies of central heating - air conditioning.

Registration: Please read carefully:
Your place is reserved with -
1. full pre-payment and completed registration form. Registration form has been attached to this e-mail as a separate document
2. mailed to Barbara Picton c/o 671 F Market Hill, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4B5 (cheque payable to Merete Holm Brantbjerg)
3. receiving your receipt as confirmation of your attendance via e-mail

PLEASE NOTE: if you have not received your receipt within 2 weeks of mailing your cheque, please follow-up with Barbara

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
A cancellation received in writing (letter or e-mail) postmarked by xxx will qualify for a refund minus $25 administration fee. No refunds for cancellations from xxx.
For further information: 604.838.6048

Merete Holm Brantbjerg co-created Bodynamic Analysis (1985), a body-psychotherapeutic system developed in Denmark. She now specializes in resource oriented skill training as a psychotherapeutic method - applying it to both developmental and shock trauma.
Merete currently leads body psychotherapy trainings and workshops in Scandinavia and North America and maintains a private practice for therapy and supervision in Copenhagen.
The name "Moaiku" - derived from "Motoric Haiku" - captures the poetic quality in a method of psychotherapeutic skill training that is focused on simplicity, repetition, precise individual dosing, and 'here and now' presence.

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