Authority and trauma
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This workshop offers training to support both therapist and client. Authority issues often get triggered in trauma, leaving us with unresolved patterns in relation to outer authorities and our own inner authority. These issues can be re-enacted in the transferential relationship between therapist and client i.e. locked into roles like victim, persecutor and rescuer.
The memory of an unreleased trauma stays in us – often in a defended dissociated form. The trauma memory can become an inner authority, related to in different ways as compliant or defiant or one-up or one-down. Healing trauma is about owning and releasing the energy of these locked authority positions, through the interrelation of the client and therapist. These interactions are challenging. As therapists we need skills and awareness to support us in staying present, capable of containing all the powerful inner states that circulate consciously and unconsciously in the relational field.

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